1. Magic items that grant a +X to ability score (Gloves of Dex, Headbands of Int, etc.) do not exist, likewise, spells like fox’s cunning and cat’s grace cannot be persisted. Characters gain +1 ability point at every level after first instead of every 4th level for a total of +19 by 20th level. This equates to the normal +5 for leveling and one +6 item and two +4 items. You cannot increase the same ability two levels in a row. This is compensated for by a reduction of wealth by level smoothed out over 20 levels.

2. All classes (except runewright and ancestral speaker which I already adjusted when I typed them up) get an additional 2 skill points per level (x4 at 1st). Spot and Listen are also class skills for all classes.

3. Conjuration (teleportation) spells do not function as normal (see below in the setting brief). I am working on a replacement for dimension door that will probably be and evocation. All other conjuration spells work as normal.

4. Knowledge (dungeoneering) has been replaced with knowledge (occult). Knowledge (occult) covers aberrations, oozes, alternate forms of magical or supernatural power (binding, incarnum, shadowcasting, etc.), and other forbidden lore. Caverns and spelunking are covered under knowledge (nature).

5. Characters gain feats at every odd character level, instead of every third level.


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